Sunday, 13 October 2013

Thanksgiving part 1

Its our third Thanksgiving weekend in NS. The first one was at our friends house where we joined their family and discovered their sausage stuffing and lemon meringue pie and realized that roast potatoes do not have priority here in Canada
The second Thanksgiving was at our house and was crazy, there was so many people - if I recall rightly it was 25 with 13 children in the mix. Everyone brought a dish or two and there was much conversation across the tables.
This year its different again. I have a new tradition of making pumpkin pie with my neighbour across the back and we did that yesterday. Actually Lily made it and I helped. This year we only made one and I have come to the happy conclusion that only really I like it, so there will be lots remaining which I will eat during the week.

Yesterday I also got in a good run with Dukie, about 4-5km I dont know for sure. The sun was shining, the sky was blue, it was warm. I felt good after the run. I had a chat with my dad and Aunt in England.
Paul was called out, its his weekend to be on call but he wasnt too long, he still got the grocery shopping in and now we have pretty much every vegetable under the sun in the fridge waiting for tomorrow to be cooked.

This afternoon we are going apple picking in the Valley to ensure we are then overwhelmed with apples to be made into pies, crisps and crumbles and sauce for roast pork.
Paul mentioned that actually he doesnt like apple pie (???!!!) but loves apple and blackberry! Go figure!

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