Wednesday, 16 October 2013

the post between the Thanksgiving Posts

I still have Thanksgiving Day 3 to post on here, I have a whole stack of photos of the feast that we enjoyed and it was again, a beautiful sunny day but between Thanksgiving Day 2 and Day 3 (that I have yet to write) I just wanted to share this.

I am in my office at work, its lunchtime and I am listening to "The Horse Whisperer" Soundtrack and as usual the music moves me. The whole film gets to me, especially the part where they ride across the hills together, manes rippling in the breeze and feet pounding with Robert Redford in soft focus. Its the music though that gets to me the most, and I am here with my Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte (SO good!) and this ambience doing what I get paid to do and having a very nice day.

I have SO much to get through at work that its not even funny but I am in some kind of peace. Maybe its a tranquility that just comes with age. I will get through what I can, and what I cant will just have to wait.

There are so many good things ahead - Florida, Halloween, Christmas, snow and all that entails.
I feel that I can enjoy them all.
This week I have to do something with all those apples that the girls picked. Pie of course, but I need the ingredients and the energy. And I need to make 3 Key Lime Pies - one for a birthday present and two for an office pot luck on Friday. I need to go for a pedicure tonight after work, how awful, and then come home to our friends that are staying with us from England.

There is wine in the fridge and dinner is planned - chicken, potatoes and corn - from the BBQ. I plan to BBQ all this winter, as much as possible. Thankfully we have made that cultural leap from being British bbq-ers that only grill on special occasions to Canadian BBq-ers that grill all the time, and try to grill everything. Even things that maybe shouldn't be.

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