Thursday, 10 October 2013

an early morning run

My day went downhill at about 10.15am but before that it was almost close to divine.

We started a new routine this morning, Paul got up with me at 6am and lit the fire as its now cold at night, cold enough that I have ice on my windscreen when I get in the car, very thin ice may I add but ice all the same.

We then had a coffee from the maker that’s now set each night to brew at 6am – part of efficiency Nova Scotia (ok just efficiency us) and then he took Alpine out for a walk, that meant that I could take Duke for a run as soon as he got back and that’s just what we did.

We left in darkness and it was chilly! I was starting to doubt if a fleece and a bodywarmer was going to cut it but it did. By the time I turned the corner onto Oakmount the sun was rising and reflecting in all the windows of the houses there, it was gorgeous. When I ran towards Ryan I could see the golden and red trees and the sun was brighter.

It was quiet, it was just me and the dog and Tom Petty playing on my i-pod, some mist and the rising sun. I felt at one with my neighbourhood, I felt fantastic.

The sky grew a lighter shade of blue and the sunrise lit up a couple of those barely there clouds so they turned pink and glowed in the blue. Such an expanse of sky here, it was stunning.

So, I got my 2.5k in and got home to the girls up and dressed and contemplating their breakfast options.

A great start to my day

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