Saturday, 5 October 2013

we are a month and a half behind England in seasons

One of the questions that I seem to read all the time is "What is the weather like in Nova Scotia?" or "isnt it always cold, wet, damp, foggy"
From some I even hear " But isnt is always snowing there?" That one makes me smile the most, although some days when I have next to no patience it just makes me feel irritated, I mean really!!!

And my British friends are so very keen to jump all over my misery in March when we are still in the thick of winter here and the wind is freeeezing through to the bone because its become damp and its grey and white and feels never ending, with all their cheerful comments about how hot it is in England and how wonderful all the daffodils and bluebells are.

And I cant help but shake my head at how hot it is because really isnt that strange?! Why is it often nicer in March than it is in say August. I recall feeling the heat of an English Spring and being so very full of hope (shortlived) of a hot British summer. How many Legoland trips were in the rain or on an overcast day wishing and hoping that the sun would make a miraculous appearance, I mean it was August or July after all. Is it too much to ask?

The same friends are noticeably quiet when we are enjoying our hot and humid summer here that seems endless and makes me feel like we have in fact moved to Florida and our gorgeous Autumns, whilst they are in the midst of damp, soggy, grey and cold.

So, I think I have finally figured out the seasons. I think here in NS we are running about a month to a month and a half behind the UK.

I have come to this conclusion due to this:
Its October, that means for me - hot days and cooler nights. The sun is shining, the sky is blue, the leaves on the trees are an array of colour but the nights are quickly cooling down. I get up and wear a fleece to walk the dogs at 6am but by 8am I am going to work without a jacket and with bare feet still (in my shoes of course). In England I can see photos of everyone in fairly hearty jackets and boots with the central heating on.
Those clothes will be our normal in about a month.

In April its pretty cold here, we are still in boots and coats and although the sun shines alot still, there is more rain and grey and its rather dreary and nondescript. The grass is still brown where its been under snow for so long and the trees are bare still. Its in short, almost still Winter. In England people are sunbathing in their gardens, sleeping with the windows open, wearing their flipflops and speculating on the likelihood of a potential drought. The gardens are bursting with colour as every flower is out and showing off how glorious it is.
That lot comes here by the end of May. Its a hard couple of months especially for me, it drags its heels.

We can no longer ski as the snow has pretty much gone, the crisp extreme cold thats not that cold as its so dry is in the past and we are left with a damp British mid January cold that goes through to your bones and drags you down. If it wasnt yearend at work, that would be when I would be down South soaking up the sun or visiting England as you are almost guaranteed nice weather.

So, thats what I have figured out on this rather nice Saturday. I have to go and make cupcakes now as I have promised these to all. Baking is something else that seems to come hand in hand with this season.

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