Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Time to say goodbye to anxiety

I have always focused on the positives in this blog and on most days, mainly weekend ones, that's an easy feat. I truly love my weekends at home with my family and of course those two weeks in Florida were bliss for me. Just pure family time, and time to be me, totally in the present.

In the Winter and Spring:
Each Friday night has that feel of endless days ahead and I stay up late, drink wine, watch a really late movie and love to go to bed late.
Saturdays I love to run or walk the dog and clean the house, yes I enjoy cleaning my home, or shopping for homey stuff and now I have someone that will come and dust the house, its even better.
Sundays are for a run in the sportsplex and for a family breakfast, blog time and Skype time with my pals in England, I wander about in post exersize and shower bliss, often in my PJs, looking at new projects for our home, more decorating ones mainly or planning a trip. And walking the dogs, of course.

Summer is a variation on this theme, mainly to include beach days and running outside.

So the weekends rock but its not all great.
I have had some real anxiety this year. I feel it build up as I try to sleep and insomnia becomes my friend. I have had days of going into work on just an hour of sleep and that could be the second or third time in a week. Its been hideous. And constant.

I know what I need to do to stop this happening but that takes time and is widely out of my control so in the meantime I am working on managing the anxiety and more often than not I fail. And get snippy.. and down and have to come back to this blog to re-read it to make myself feel more upbeat about everything else in my life.

I have so much good in my life and so much to look forward to and I saw this the other day:

This really makes sense to me. I have all kinds of plans for next year and I plan to achieve them all, but to add to that - constant overwhelming anxiety needs to become a thing of my past. This is not me, I have been lucky to never have felt this in this way before and it will not own me.

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