Friday, 15 August 2014


Today I discovered why the cafe downstairs is so dissed by my colleagues. I have been wondering what the problem was until today when I had the most disgusting tuna melt.
The staff down there are kind of offputting, todays staff more than normal, and then I bit into the said melt.

The tuna is prob the no name brand and with no name brand mayo. It sucked!
I tipped it all in the bin and ate the bread, I wont be going there NO MORE

Its raining buckets today and whilst thats all very pleasant to listen to through the glass (Yes I have a WINDOW again! I am so happy) it doesnt allow for a trip to the Wired Monk to get the Thai chicken soup that I had pencilled in for today. Its coming in at a slant and I have bare legs and flipflops, so I am not just being a complete wimp here.

It also means that I cant go to the Virgin store to get a new phone, which apparently I cant book online either for some reason (what century are we in!???)

Today I also have the pleasure of parting with over $800 to get my car back from the Hyundai dealership now they have replaced the apparently non existent brakes and still continued with the fuel injection system service that I asked them to postpone as I have no brakes.... frig!
Now I am broke, I will be bringing in leftovers to work again, no more Wired Monk anyway!

Happy Friday!