Monday, 25 August 2014

PEI week

So last week was spent in a cottage shared with a friend and her family in PEI.
It was overcast, although not cold, all week which got my NB born friend down a lot, but being British I am extremely well trained for rubbish summertime weather and so wasnt phased too much by the sky.
Having said all that, we have been here over three years now and I am not so used to it anymore so I was a touch put out.
Still we managed to have a good week. The dogs came and immediately got the vacation groove on by getting on all the beds (they are not allowed at home) and the couch. Smart puppies.... still not a fan of this behaviour though... hairy couches and beds are not on my "must have" list.

We had a trip to the beach where it was evident that TS Arthur had had some imput judging by the shoreline errosion that wasnt there last year.
Having recently read all the reports about the Great White sharks that tend to wander around in these waters, I declined my usual swimming in the sea sport and took to paddling instead which worked well as the water was decidedly cool (must be that grey sky!!) and there were about a million hermit crabs doing their thang everywhere. We are not sure what their thang was but it entailed bigger crabs hanging onto the smaller ones, I am thinking that they were busy getting jiggy with it, but so far Google has failed to confirm this notion.

We went bowling, we ate late breakfasts, we gazed into the distances and I got in two runs, the first of which filled me with joy and motivation, the second did the exact opposite and was really hard work. It was a horrid run of only 2.6km

I managed to get some school supplies and woo Chloe with a new pink leopard print school bag, shes happy so thats good.

But my word was it good to get home. Home to my bed, our life, our pool and hot tub and the new roof that had conveniently been done whilst we were away.

I think we are done with PEI trips now, we have been three times and I am keen to check out someplace else, maybe Maine. Thats reasonably close.

Today I am back in work, near my window and the sun is shining hotly. Loving this NS life.


  1. Nice! We vacationed in PEI a couple of weeks ago as well! The whole family, the dogs, all under the same roof... WOW is all I can say. Tons of fun from morning until night, but not enough relaxation if you ask me... We got home to our quiet home where it's just us, we sunk into our couch and enjoyed the silence and wondered why we ever left!
    I hope to write about it soon, or at the very least share a picture post...

  2. ah I hear you, nothing like home sweet home