Thursday, 14 August 2014

running again

Today has been a turning point.
This morning I got up and took Mr Duke and together we went for a run. It was warm, the crickets were singing and the sun was rising pink and beautiful and I loved it.
I had lost my running mojo, it disappeared all summer and last night I decided to make a real effort to find it again and rebond.
Its not so easy to run before work right now. We have guests in our home and once I take Dukie out without Alpine the nut, he tends to make a racket.
I cant take Alpine as he tends to criss cross in front and trip you up, hes also incredibly strong and a bit of a doofus.
I cant go without Dukie, its our thing together and I couldnt leave him out.
So, I just wasnt going.

So this morning, hubby took the Alpine reins and Dukie and I set out. I was a little apprehensive, pretty sure I would find it just too hard. But it wasnt, it was bliss. Yes it was short, a 2km run so no biggie but there was a time that just running to the top of the road was a major achievement.

So I came home, full of the joys of refound running love and a little cross with myself about effectively wasting two thirds of summer when I could have enjoyed this more.

Now, in work, I have just found myself joining the Halifax team to participate in the 5km Run for the Cure. I am stoked, I am excited, I will be back at running 5km comfortably before October 5th.
I have a goal!

Now I just need to raise my $150!

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