Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Loving Halifax

Its a hot August week with cooler nights so it feels a little like Fall in the morning but its unmistakably summer by 10am. I had the chance of a stroll (actaully it was a route march) along the Halifax harbour front this morning in my haste to get to the Virgin Store before an 11am meeting... It was so tranquil and pretty on the harbour front with The Bycicle Thief putting out its tables and decor (MUST check that place out) and very very very very warm indeed.

And I just got my lunch from the Wired Monk which I can see from my office window, a very delicious, much anticipated bowl of Thai chicken curry soup with dipping wholewheat baguet rounds as a nice surprise. It is incredibly good!

I can so recommend this place for lunch, waiting in line I also ordered in a coconut chai tea latte (scrumptious) and rather felt like I was on the coffee shop set of Being Erica.

Loving Halifax!

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  1. Even though it's so hot in California right now, I'd still love that soup from the sounds of it!