Monday, 17 August 2015

A new family member

So... I dared. I disturbed the Universe. I thought about it for over a week (unlike me so it was responsible and even talked myself out of it once) but in the end I DID IT.
Or rather we did, without darling husbands agreement it would have been a no go ( he agreed although I know he has concerns) anyhow....

Remember this guy:

Heres another in his Fall jacket:

well, hes joined the family.
It was worth it to see Chloes face when I told her. She scrunched up into herself and cried. Little red face with wet eyes.

He is an awesome horse! His personality, his age, his size, his ability, his calmness. Hes just perfect for us. He turned up at kind of the wrong time but I am making it work.

I personally am so very excited to go back to dressage and he has ability and promise, but also trail riding, stall cleaning, tack cleaning, grooming, the fresh air and healthy mental wellbeing that comes with a horse.
So now we are planning his colour scheme of stuff - likely red - he looks like red is his colour.

For me, I want it all (No, not a ferrari or first class flight everywhere - I have accepted the reality of that never being in my life) but I do want to be able to still go here:

each year. It may sound crazy to some but its my so very important place. It HAS to happen.
So... no more day in day out dining out lunches at work ( I have started well today with breakfast and lunch brought in) as theres no need to be so lazy. Let me introduce you to the new, improved, organized Natasha who will no longer be frequenting the delicious establishments on my work doorstep.

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