Monday, 3 August 2015

The tourists are in town

I officially have tourist fatigue.
Dont get me wrong, I love to see the QM2 parked outside my office building, that is an amazing sight to behold to say nothing of all the others (I am particularly fond of the QM2.. I wonder why) and those lavish yachts that hang out in the harbour for all to gaze at in wonder and try to figure exactly out how much you would have to earn to have that in your everyday life.

BUT I am tired of slamming on the brakes as some tourist whos left his common sense in his home town walks out in front of me whilst gazing at the architecture, yes Halifax has some beautiful buildings. If he tried that stunt in Europe he would get sworn at at best and run over at worst. But you know what, here in Halifax its perfectly acceptable for a pedestrian to walk or run out in front of you with absolutely no regard for a stopping distance requirement. If you hit that person you as the driver are in major deep shit.

As a driver, I am not bad, I pay attention, I stay away from my cell phone, my eyes are ON STALKS and still I have nearly hit pedestrians. I wonder why they do this, as another driver you wouldnt just drive out in front of someone. There are driving laws and then there is common sense. By the time I am out of the downtown core I am ready for a G&T.

The buskers are in town, cue LOTS of people having a great time., The downtown was gridlocked.  I waited 15 minutes to turn left. Each time our light went to green the pedestrian light went to walk and they streamed across. Or they sauntered. They were having a good day

I felt like I was going to lose my mind. It doesn't make sense that traffic cant move AT ALL. I have had to stay away from the area lest I run someone over, out of pure rage.

Thankfully its been a restful (kind of) Natal Day weekend. We had people over which I always like and the pool got a great workout. Its hot now, like majorly hot so I will be out in the pool myself soon. The dogs are being walked at night, and cicadas are going off like drills in the trees.

Anyway, now I have got that off my chest, some pictures of the week for my stepmom :

Evening bike ride, it was stinking hot but great:

Dukie by the pool:

My view from work - thats where the QM2 and others turn

Our balcony at work:

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