Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Pedestrians and fog

So the other day I went on a tirade about the thrills and spills of being a driver here. Yesterday I was a pedestrian out for a stroll and this is what was fun about it.
I stopped at a crosswalk like the responsible adult I am always harping on about and waited for the driver of the first car to spot me before I crossed. It flew by. So glad I didnt move. By the time the next four cars had also driven through the crosswalk at speed I began to "get it" - the pedestrians point of view. So for some drivers "does one have to step out to be acknowledged as wanting to cross?"
Is this why seasoned pedestrians here just walk out and ignore the screeching brakes?
Is there a war between drivers and pedestrians here? The "I have the right of way" war? The "one hates the other" kind?

Lets compare it the UK where I spent most of my life. There the car has the right of way. Pedestrians have to wait for lights to cross or choose the "stop, wait,look and listen" at any place on any road - not anything with 6 lanes of course as that would be stooopid!
Then they can cross when its clear or when a friendly driver stops for them and that happens a lot.
If on the other hand they dare to step out into traffic without that friendly driver wave they are immediately cussed at, glared at or in fact, driven at. I think this is a UK scare tactic and its very effective.

So -whats better?
Personally I prefer the UK way but maybe thats because thats what I am used to. The "friendly driver wave" or flash of headlights (same meaning) is everywhere. You never have to wait long to cross. Its certainly easier for the drivers as no one really jumps out in front of you unless they are nutty and have a death wish.

Outside its hot today, bright hot sunlight with an intense fog bank out in the water, its all a little surreal and rather cool, here are some pictures I just took at lunchtime:
 Container ship rolling past in the fog bank
 Fog bank off the harbour walk

This is the waterfront warehouse, where we sat in June 2010 and discussed moving to Nova Scotia, here we are (my babies were so little then):

And, from last night - Ace and I (hes so big we need a selfie stick)

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