Tuesday, 11 August 2015

August - so far

Dare I disturb the Universe? That was what I read on someones blog today and I LOVED it.
Yes I dare. I dared before and all was good and I will dare again. I am thinking of disturbing the universe in a big way but still cogitating on that one.

So August so far for me, for us:

Digging : (well Paul is, I am just supervising) a trench system / french drain arrangement in the back garden to try to drain the soggy mess that is the lawn there. So far its not going to well. We may have to throw in the towel and throw some concrete groundings and a deck there.

Working: In Newfoundland this week, thankfully the weathers turned around here.

Riding: Chloes been a lot, three days each week at the barn and loving it. Shes a chip off the old block. I have rather fallen for a really nice horse called Ace who we could both ride and I just enjoyed a great dressage clinic on him.

Wanting: To be at home, I like NL but theres no place like home. I miss my children, my husband, the pillows on my bed, my coffee in the morning .......(I could go on but I will quit now)

Wearing: Banana Repulic outlet mall bargains. I love that I can shop there now anytime I damn well like and dont have to wait for my annual trip (if I was lucky) to the States.

Leaving behind: negativity - that includes ignoring aggravating facebook and internet posts and no longer wasting my thoughts on those that dont deserve them.

Loving: the weather in NS. Even the rain, the noise is theraputic and its warm rain so apart from the drainage issue in the back garden, its welcome.

Planning: the next trip down South

Wishing for: another bathroom upstairs. Given that our youngest routinely throws anyone whos in the bathroom out, getting some bathroom time is starting to become a challenge.

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