Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Halloween is a coming

Its finally starting to cool down. I have been for a few walks in the dark recently too. There is one road that has no houses on it but its near houses and also near woods. Its been paved and is going to have houses built on it but they havent got that far yet. Well, apart from almost peeing my pants in fear of hearing something coyote like growling at the edge of my vision at any moment it was amazing. So much sky, so many stars, it was simply stunning. I have never seen such an expanse.

Last night I got out of the house at dusk and they are really starting to go nuts with Halloween in our neighbourhood. Last night I went past an enormous spider on a lawn enlosed in police tape that moves its head. Its abdomen is yellow and lit up so I couldnt miss it. Theres also a graveyard and endless blown up - lit up spooks everywhere.
The girls have some Halloween parties this week - 2 each and they have some good outfits.

Our fire is lit now every evening and its so cosy in the house. My view of temperatures seems to have changed, I am viewing the 4C in the morning as "not too bad" when in the UK that would mean scarves and gloves. It warms up a lot by lunchtime and has been positively balmy.

The trees are fast starting to lose their pretty leaves and its foggy alot. Its still beautiful though.

We get our new puppy on Friday - starting to get super excited, hes from a rescue charity called Critters and Litters and hes a 15 week old lab cross something called Duke. The cat is going to freak!

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