Saturday, 8 October 2011


Its our first Thanksgiving here in Canada and we are fortunate enough to have been invited to TWO Thanksgiving dinners by our new Canuck friends (well actually we were invited to THREE but we can't go to them all sadly -unless we had one of those time things that Hermione has in Harry Potter)

So, this Thanksgiving I give thanks for:

My husband - he supported my dream to move here and has taken on being a new Canuck extremely seriously. He has become wonderfully good at fixing everything and sorting everything out. Hes also a great father and the best partner I could hope for. We have been together for 12 years and he still makes my heart flip.

My Children - my two girls are just so wonderful and even when they bicker, I love them and could not be without them. I am so enjoying watching them grow.

Our new home - our house is better than I could have hoped for, we live in the best neighbourhood and every day I cannot believe that we actually live here.

Our jobs - in this day and age I am grateful that not only do we have two jobs but that they are in our field and we actually like working in them.

Our family - I appreciate all our family for their constant support of everything we do even though we are now spread all over the globe.

Our friends - those back in the UK and down in Florida - the support you have shown us in our move to Canada is amazing and I think you are just awesome! I love that we have the technology that enables us to keep in touch the way we do.

Our new friends here - we have made some pretty wonderful new friends here, those that have let us live with them to those that have offered their friendship. We really appreciate it and are so pleased we now know you.

Health - I am thankful, so very thankful for the health that we all have, the services here to keep us that way and those that work in them.

Our home and neighbourhood this Fall:

I love living here!

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