Monday, 31 October 2011

Dukie has arrived

On Friday Paul and Chloe picked up our new puppy, a 4 month old lab/husky called Duke or Dukie as hes so cute. Hes pretty timid and our Womble cat decided to pick on him all weekend in the most confrontational way, I didnt realise he had it in him. Poor Duke wanted to disappear all weekend.
Hes been very good though, he hung out in his crate a lot (safety!) and didnt cause ANY trouble of any kind.
He started to relax a bit yesterday and I almost got a waggy tail on our 6am trot round the block this morning - in my pyjamas and dressing gown, wellies and coat - stars were amazing!

We had a pretty cruddy day weather wise yesterday, freezing rain, gusting winds and a power outage. We were immediately aware that we had made a cracking decision to have our wood insert installed as we stayed toasty warm while the wind raged outside.

We had been cooking - well actually Paul had been cooking all morning - and we had a shepherds pie waiting for the oven and more importantly a wonderful spag bolognaise in the crockpot. Our wonderful lodger Don had a propane stove and so we were able to whip up the spaghetti and have spag bog last night instead. It was one of Pauls best.
The power came back on just when I was starting to get bored of it all and it was starting to seriously jeopardise my scary movie plans for the evening.

Tonight is Halloween and although we have been to loads of Halloween parties now, tonight is the official treat or treat night, its going to be -1C so snow suits on under the costumes and out we will go.

I will upload pics very soon to post on here, been a bit slack in that department!

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