Monday, 24 October 2011

tough weekend

I am sad to say its been a really tough weekend. The only really good part of it was when I was outside on the deck drinking coffee in my dressing gown at 9am and savouring the golden-ness of a tree in our garden. The light was pretty at that time of day too which just added to the magic.
Sadly that time lasted all of 15 minutes.
The rest of the weekend was spent refereeing my childrens arguements constantly, trying to keep them quiet so that Paul could sleep (hes on nights) which was nigh on impossible and then being out of the house with them at my lovely friends houses so that he could get some sleep. By the time I got to those houses I felt as wound up as a tight spring and ready to ship my children off to my mother in Germany.
This of course had the impact of no laundry being done at all and now we have no clothes really on Monday. The house is a tip and I havent been able to clean it.

I did manage to fit in my grocery shopping trips (how I MISS Tescos home delivery) and I baked a cake for Pauls birthday that was meant to be a Victoria Sponge but tasted rather like a dry sponge masquerading as a cake. He even asked how I managed to make it with Peanut butter in it - huh? There was no such ingredient added.

We are going to go out to Stayners Wharf at the weekend with some friends to actually celebrate his birthday which I am really looking forward to. I have come to realise that I really DONT like his night shifts especially at the weekend.
If someone can sort out my girls so that they dont hate each other (yes that has been said) then please come forward as I have had enough!
Perhaps I need some free time - you know the sort where you dont work and you dont look after children and you dont fit all your shopping chores into your half hour lunchbreak.

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