Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Turkey lurkey and Pumpkin Pie

We just enjoyed our first ever Canadian Thanksgiving and it was beyond fabulous.
I started the weekend with a late night at the neighbours house, playing music and eating nachos at midnight - yes not very healthy but very nice.
Saturday was hot, I got some great walks in over the weekend due to the heat and I learnt to make pumpkin pie and cherry pie over at Bevs house that day. I also managed a teeny bit of housework, needs must and all that.
I actually got to go out Saturday night too, over to Doug and Stephens for a party in which karaoke was involved, I prefer to listen and thats all and it was fun but I was driving home so was on the water. Left at midnight and was surprised at how warm it was, on the way home I saw a skunk shuffling about - my first wild skunk spotted!

Sunday was blissfully hot weather again and we hung out at our pals Ruby and Steve and had our first dins of the season, was scrumptious. Ruby and I then went and hung out by the riverside where her dads ashes were scattered, it was a beautiful moonlit night.
When we got home and put the girls to bed, Paul was knackered and went to bed too so I went back over to the neighbours as we had been invited and we hung out again and I came home with a delicous Maple syrup ham and scallop potatoes. Couldnt fit it in my tummy so it went in the fridge.

Monday - Paul played golf and I pottered in the house till he got home and then escaped for another walk. During my pottering I made an Autumn decoration for our front door with the girls as we have so many beautiful leaves in the garden and the front door was lacking:

The top pic is Lilys ghost flower biscuits that she made at her babysitters.

The girls loved gathering leaves and then sticking them to the heart - courtesy of Rolands glue, I love our neighbours!

Dinner at Doug and Stephens on Monday night was like a remake of Easter. Loads of people and crazy kids running around having a blast afterwards. Chloe played endlessly with the dogs and we came home with loads of leftovers which have now all been eaten!

Since that weekend temperatures have dipped again, so we had a mini summer that weekend and it was back to the heat and humidity and I loved it! I also had three nights of bedtime at past midnight and I am so paying for it now

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