Wednesday, 1 February 2012

summer dreaming

Its Feb 1st – already! Yay, onwards towards Spring and the oh so wonderful summer.

Yesterday was a day of ice and snow and lots of cars off the road (again), there are as many accidents as there are in England only not the big media outcry about it. I went past a car being towed out of a deep gulley between two lakes and figured that they had had a very bad morning.  I only knew that the highway was shut by the airport as it was casually mentioned on the radio and I was able to get off at Exit 7.

I am super excited right now but cant say why, I can only say that I am feeling it. Once I know the outcome I will post the news. But did I say I am excited?? Because I am! Majorly

I am dreaming about summer again. I am not hating winter at all, just looking forward to hot days, and heat and humidity, smores and firepits, beach and lake days out and the sound of the ciccadas. I just love them. I love the ceiling fans going and the sound of the pool filter. The sand in the car and hot and sweaty little faces, the smell of suncream, melon for breakfast.......

I do not love the mosquitos that land on me when I dare to go out and do a bit of weeding. I need to cut down this little job as it simply doesn’t get done. More large shrubs are needed and some little trees and no flowers! Strangely enough they don’t seem to attack me out on a run or walk, only if I stop to talk to someone. I might try to grow some tomatoes this year too and some peppers as we seem to go through a lot of them.

I know that in April they will be advertising the spring clean time on the radio, a whole month devoted to cleaning out your house ready for summer and getting your pool ready. So glad we have a house now and can partake in this exersize. I am looking forward to the housework that comes under the title “Spring cleaning”

Still dreaming of Key West too……

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