Sunday, 28 October 2012

back home

Its been a tremendous weekend. I rushed home as fast as I could considering I wasnt driving, I willed the car down the highway. I shot through Masstown at our coffee shop, although I did manage to see an upside down Christmas tree there, that was within my streak through. I dont fancy the upside down idea by the way, I prefer a more traditional Christmas tree approach.
I got home and gathered my family up and breathed them all in. I was out walking the dog within the hour with a new found appreciation of my neighbourhood.
I reviewed the lovely scrape on Winter, that was an expensive winter tire change!

I have enjoyed every.single.minute of my time back at home.

I have gone to bed late and got up early, I have walked, I have drank  early morning flavoured coffee in silence whilst enjoying my Keys column having paid my $1.25 US to read the Keys Citizen (a column that used to be free online) Its a once a fortnight treat that I am awarding myself.
I have eaten little but quality food, I hugged my pillows to myself in my own wonderful bed.
I have even started my long put off project of transferring inspirational pieces - written and picture types from my House magazines to a scrap book.
I have a pretty long list of projects for this house over the next 10 years to include but not be limited to:

  • New windows (yawn)
  • New Kitchen - this WILL be fun, I have an idea but I need LOTS of pictures to get my groove on for this - thankfully I have time as we have NO money for this right now.
  • New hardwood floors
  • New cupboards in family room and redecorate room
  • Ensuite bathroom for us
  • New closet doors
  • personalising small guest room - its pretty much just white currently
  • repainting guest bathroom and replacing noisy shower head
Currently we are renovating our bathroom, so right now its pretty much an empty and newly spacious room with just a new beautiful gorgeous bath in it. The tiles should be up (and down) this week. I rather like these:
colour coded bathroom hooks by Martha Stewart as I dont want towels to take over the walls.
Ages ago I saw a stunning bathroom in Key West that I fell for in a big way, but I cant remember if it was in a house for sale or a rental. I havent been able to find it since. So I am trying to remember what I managed to commit to memory.

Today we had Sunday roast with some friends and walked all the dogs together. We also got maps out and spread them all over the table to discuss our route down to Florida. I wish we had done it in a more involved way as I loved it.

I am loving that I never need to leave my family so quickly for so long again, that trips away with work will be much fewer and for much shorter periods of time.

The clock is counting down to my new job. Fall is leaving us and the last home project on the list for this year is in progress. I cant wait to see what our bathroom looks like at the end of the week.

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