Monday, 29 October 2012

bah Monday

I just went out and got sushi for lunch. I havent had it for weeks and weeks and actually I have found it hard to stick to my weight loss whilst being away - actually impossible and I feel horrible about myself because of it.
We can no longer listen to music at work either so I am here in silence and its grey and miserable and blustery outside. The Halloween storm dubbed "Frankenstorm" is due to hit New York in an hour or so, if the media is spot on, and I am wondering if it is indeed a "superstorm" and "likely to wipe out Manhatten" with its predicted 11 foot waves.
Frankly, and selfishly, I am hoping that the predicted path of this Cat 1 Hurricane isnt incorrect as its dubbed to make a left turn to NY, if they have got that wrong then we are in the way.

Today I am disappointed that people in certain positions can behave like children and even more disappointed in myself for being so affected by it.

I am also missing the sweet sound of music and how it can help my day ride along. All in all I am a little in the mis-mogs. I need to concentrate on my plans for tonight - pumpkin carving with the girlies.
I am not sure where the pumpkin carvers are, I need to track them down and not give in and try to do carvings with a knife. The way my day is going, that could end in tears.

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