Sunday, 14 October 2012

Its frickin cold.

Its cold. End of.
The fire is crackling in the hearth, its kind of early on a Sunday morning and I am delighted to say that we have a nothing kind of day ahead. These are frankly the best kind.

I plan to run with Duke (with my ears covered), have a great breakfast with my family, clean up the girls rooms and put the guest suite straight and then go out with Dukie again. I have plans to catch up on skype with my UK friend this afternoon.
I know that Paul will bring in wood and fix the Halloween lights that are not being cooperative above the front door.

We may wrap up warm and venture out for a little while this afternoon to pick some pumpkins. Lily has just got up and is already asking about picking pumpkins.

Last night we had an amazing Thai meal down in Halifax which was rocking with some event and therefore buzzing with people. Our girls were babysat and we went out together as adults, hell I even wore a dress!

I am away again for two weeks tomorrow but its only in Amherst so plan to be back home in the week for a night and of course back next weekend. Thankfully this is the last away audit until at least next February. I cant tell you how pleased I am about that!

The BIG news is that our bathroom reno is due to start in 8 days!! I am SO pleased about this, I hate our bathroom so much. I will be away for one week of the renovations but back for the fun stuff - you know, like tiles. I really must get some pics of its current state so I can do a before and after post.


  1. I used to love laying tile!!! I want to see before and after shots. :)

  2. really? I should bribe you to come round and show me so that I can do my kitchen. I would love to do my own tile

  3. I love it!! I should have been a man and studied masonry and tile. :)