Sunday, 21 October 2012

Amherst and CMA

Its been an interesting weekend.
First of all I was away all of last week in Amherst. Its a cute little town but the hotel we are in is horrible. Its whats known as rustic I think, that equals - dark green carpets, dark green comforter with roses on it, minimal furniture in the room, a TV that buzzes gently and a wardrobe from Walmart. The breakfast is OK and the view is of all the windfarm (aka windmills here in NS)... I wont step foot in the pool, I am surprised its open for business with its peeling paint and the gym has four pieces of aging equipment in it. My bathroom IS nice though and I am thinking up ways of spending all my free time in there so I can then just dash into bed and sleep the night away. There are no bedbugs - I have checked!

I have been on a couple of lovely walks into the town which has some wooden carvings made from trees with chainsaws (so I am told) and so I spent a happy half an hour reading plaques and being impressed by the handiwork.

The choice of eats is limited and of the greasy variety so I am not happy from that point of view either.

We are back there again this week - I am not pleased.

Anyway the weekend - Friday was a tremendously good evening. Paul and I dressed up and dropped of the kids and headed to a hotel in Halifax for the CMA Convocation.
I felt a bit like a gatecrasher at this Grad ceremony as I am only a transfer. But I am THE first ever transfer and therefore I got some time on the stage having a photo done with my framed certificate, it was a great night.

Saturday I spent out of the house collecting the girls from their sleepover and having tea with my friend. I came home to the first of my weekend of volunteer paperwork.
I was only tieing up the payroll for the year but that took me all of today. I am less than pleased. Its my very precious two days between being in the "rustic" hotel.
Its been warm too, the house was hot today, so it was a T-shirt day, it feels kind of weird this late in October to me.
I am all poised to enjoy Fall and bake gingerbread and plum pudding (when I am actually home) but it needs to cool down again, I was bitten by a damn mosquito today!

BUT there is good news too - I have managed to transfer to another job in this Group and will start in November as a Corporate Accountant. I am SUPER happy, although I am giving up my office and its vista of the Arm, indeed its general daylight and this I am taking a dim view of. It is worth it but it will be missed, I cant wait to be home more with my family and no longer have to leave them all the time.

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