Tuesday, 9 October 2012


I am sitting here listening to Sheryl Crowe, whos an artist that I have loved for a long long time and thinking about how much I have to be thankful for.
We had an amazing if slightly chaotic Thanksgiving weekend, the weather was fabulous with blue skies and warmth and we had a great time at the Wildlife Park on Sunday prior to our cleaning up session for Mondays feast.

We had a tremendous Thanksgiving meal with some good friends (5 families) and it went very very well. Paul and I looked at each other at one point whilst making coffee and listening to all the chatter around us and said “Isnt this great!” and it really was. Everyone contributed to the meal and the conversation, the children were wonderfully well behaved and the day was just an epic cook and food fest. I loved it!
So here I am with Grooveshark playing and its lunchtime and I am listening to Sheryl and remembering driving my newish Vauxhall Cavalier from Littlehampton back to Worthing when I was 18 years old and playing this very song “All I wanna do” and feeling energised by it. Now nearly 20 years later it still has the same effect.
I am loving this life, in fact I am thankful and grateful for every aspect of my life. Every memory, every lesson – good and bad. Every song that has lifted my spirits, motivated me, taken me down memory lane or reduced me to tears. Every friend and person who has touched me in some way, all those that are no longer here - I WILL see you again (of that I am sure)
Everything I have learnt from my wonderful husband and my cherished children, I look at my oldest and remember her as a baby. How is she now 8??!!
I am who I am because of every person I have met, every exam I have passed (and failed) every argument, every makeup, every laugh and tear shed.
I am thankful for this life.

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