Tuesday, 30 October 2012

I should be smiling

So Frankenstorm DID hit NY and the surrounding large area and the whole place is under a fair amount of water. The subways are full of sea water and the financial district is closed for the second day running. I am wondering what impact that will have on the World economy. I also feel terribly sad for all those affected.

Back in this neck of the woods I am trying to get my head in the place it was at OCS in the run-up to our emigration. If I can achieve this, all will be good. I should be grinning like a fool about this new job, dancing about the office - perhaps I should give that a try.

Last night we ran Dukie round for a quick walk with Lily crying the whole time that she was cold, her knees hurt, she was tired, something else that I cant recall. I think she was being a little dramatic really and perked up once we got back. We then had pumpkins to carve - at speed - as it was getting late, supper to cook and eat - I cheated and they had chicken nuggets - and baths to take. Its always hard when Paul is on nights.

Our new bath is gorgeous and I had to make the most of it as at some point today or tomorrow the tile will be laid and the room will be out of bounds for a while.

I cant wait to see the end of this and the final result, I really cant

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