Monday, 18 March 2013

Inventory time

So we thought Spring had Sprung, I had even gotten out my lighter jacket, how wrong we were!
Today we woke to minus 24 in the wind chill, it was bitter! My hand nearly froze to death waiting to get my coffee at the drivethrough on the way into work this morning.

Tomorrow we have snow forecast, I cant be bothered to check out the cms that are due, and apparently more on Thursday which is outstanding as its the day that we need to drive to Moncton!

So far I have been at another branch of our company since last Wednesday, so twice a day trip over the MacKay Bridge and I really rather like it. I expected massive amounts of traffic from the rumours and some misery to boot, but nope I have sailed in and out of Halifax with minimum fuss and a rather nice view.
We have been managing the inventory count, this is a first in my life and it was St Patricks Day so we couldnt avoid celebrating that.

I think I could manage working in downtown Halifax, it would be rather nice, but perhaps thats for the future....

So this week I get to go away for a whole five days to Moncton NB, its a bit like being back on audit but way more stressful. I miss my old boss, its really shown me how important your boss really is. Oh and no plane involved now, or heat,. this is the car all the way, but at least it will be a rental.

I have been looking rather ruefully at my house, it really NEEDS to be Spring cleaned, I cant see that happening anytime soon, all the time the fire is lit anyway!

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