Friday, 29 March 2013

post 18 days of inventory

Today is my first day off after 18 days of inventory. It started very badly, we were all a little fed up and a little snappy after 5 days and I was more than a little concerned about the next 13 days but it went well. Moncton was a blast, we stayed in a great hotel - the Marriot Residence Inn, and ate out extremely well - the Keg, an Italian called pastallis - great cocktails, a fish restaurant called Pisces - amazing mahi mahi and Catch 22 Lobster place where I had a divine fish stir-fry.
We sang, we laughed, we lost it a bit in a hysterical fashion, we had catchphrases of the count such as "for shit sakes" and "what what what" after the current hit - "20 dollars in my pocket...."
We went to the gym before work - the first day this was in fact at 5.40am! but it was worth it, we enjoyed the Marriots breakfast buffet - eggs each day... my room rocked! Very nice suite - kingsize bed just for me! lovely luxury bathroom, cant wait to be back.

The staff at the Moncton office were great, so much fun and a very good bunch of people. I could have happily stayed there,
Suffice to say - I have been working hard and thats not going to end any time soon but I am enjoying it. Hurrah!

So today is Good Friday - its a gorgeous day. I have even just discovered the crocuses are out in the garden. I went out to see some friends this morning and enjoyed some freedom from responsibility all by myself, I even had a Tims breakfast! I drove around and did some lakeside exploring, it was great!

I have napped, answered some work email and taken the dog out for a stroll, the weather is sweet today. Long may that last!

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