Saturday, 9 March 2013

what to spend money on....

OK, so its feeling lovely and Spring-like and I have some purchases that I HAVE to spend money on:

New running shoes (almost a must, maybe I can hold out on these but not sure)

Sports bra (this has become a must)

Winter ski-wear - I dont have any and the sales are now on, I tried on a fabulous North
Face jacket yesterday at Cleeves that was $114 down from $229 (this of course feels like a massive waste of money and will continue to feel that way until next Winter when I open the closet door and there it will be in all its shining newness!)

A pink cardigan - from Le Chateau, theres too much grey in my life

A stripey shirt from BR - these have grown on me, I need some more casual clothes too now (for Fridays at work, of course!)

So, today I am going to have some boring breakfast as we need to go grocery shopping (yawn),shower and hit the downtown core of Halifax BY MYSELF to look into these must haves....

Tomorrow morning I will get my new sports bra on and go hit the 5km mark! Cant wait!

Oh and the tax return will be my afternoon today, so this morning is ALL ABOUT ME! Got to love how we have to do tax returns here in Canada, I am hoping though that the outcome will be a good one and a nice refund will have to make its way to us...

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