Saturday, 2 March 2013

good news!

OK, so we got the good news. Paul got the Deputy Sheriff job! We are so pleased!
Its been a long road to this point, a 2 year long road and its awesome beyond awesome thats hes achieved this.
He starts his training on Monday and I for one (selfishly) am over the moon to say a long goodbye to shift work, night shift, 12 hour shift, 5am start shift.

For THE first time our working schedules should co-operate which means more free time.

More time for the gym, for classes, for running! More free time to plan things, to go out.

For him it means a step back into the world he was trained for and is good at. Its great to see him so happy right now.

We are having an outstanding weekend. It followed a pretty good week too. Today we had an International Pot Luck with the neighbours - I made red Thai curry, we also had chinese, vietnamese and Canadian. All made by hand, all delicious good made from scratch food.

Tomorrow we are going skiing... I am slightly bothered by this and am trying not to visualize broken anything. Last time I was on skis was in Italy in 2000, so a while ago now. Paul broke his thumb skiing up some steps - he was a bit of a wild skier then.

I hope it will be a good day, I want it to be fun and healthy and good old family time.

Today I ran 4.34km (by mistake may I add as I misread the number of laps for 4km) but it felt SO GOOD. That last two laps were the most invigorating, I felt I could go forever. It was amazing.
I wonder if I will be able to start running in the morning before work soon, I mean it is March, the snow and ice and freezing rain and can stop anytime now....

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