Saturday, 30 March 2013

running again in the spring weather

I am so tired, it seems that this weekend is a mix of napping and getting outside. Absolutely no housework is featuring in this picture.

Its got to be the last 3 weeks finally catching up on me, coupled with last nights broken sleep as Lily threw up all night. We had her in the bath at 2am washing it all out of her hair, which was frankly horrible.

Today I have had coffee with my pal, and napped and then at 3.30pm I got my shit together to attempt a run. I was worried, I havent run for about 3 weeks when I got that 5km in. I ran outside as its gorgeous, on the hot side of warm at 8C but that 8C had a burning sun in it and a bright blue sky and I was in a T-shirt.

I managed about 3km and it felt good, I am going to go for slightly further tomorrow and right now I dont know if I am going for the sportsplex and the track or outside again. I'll decide in the morning.

We need to lay out the little easter eggs tonight for tomorrows hunt, and I really hope that Chloe doesnt match Lily tonight in the throwing up stakes and that Lily actually gets better.
I need to get my butt into the gym and onto the machines... I need to do more than run.

Its good to know that in a matter of weeks the pool will be open again, the fire will be closed up for the summer, the spring cleaning will be over and the ceiling fans will have to kick back in, man I SO love summer in Nova Scotia.

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