Tuesday, 12 March 2013

our 2nd Canniversary

Its our two year Canniversary today, two years since we arrived in Nova Scotia, and for me, one year since I started work at this Group that I now love so much.

We have hit highs and lows, more highs than lows thank goodness. We found a gorgeous home in a great neighbourhood.

The girls made new friends and discovered the great outdoors and a variety of wildlife that wouldnt have crossed their paths in the UK - skunks, raccoons and porcupines to name but a few.

We have had some great North American style breakfasts and bbq'd in the snow

We have had some delightful beach days and picnics

and some great skiing - even here in NS which is absolutely NOT world renowned as a ski resort.

I started volunteering - not as search and rescue or fire dept as I originally envisaged but as a treasurer on our local recreation committee - I guess they needed that more.

I started to run and am now at 5k! I love the new fitter leaner me.

We got a dog who rocks our world and lost a cat, see you again someday Womble xx

We started with the wrong cars and then changed them for the right ones, and I am driving the first new car of my life.

We have been to Florida, Brier Island for Whale Watching weekend

and a few days in PEI,

 along with some exploring of the oh so beautiful South Shore.

We have been bitten by bloody mozzies and blackfly and killed more horseflies on the beach than I care to remember.

We have been amazed by the views and the people and the snow and the heat and been irritated by the laidbackness, the people, the snow but never the heat!

I have falled asleep on the pool deck in the afternoon sun to the sound of the pump and been lulled at night by the ceiling fans.

I dont think I will ever grow tired of the sound of the endless train going through the crossing or of lining up in a Tim Hortons drivethrough to buy a chai tea and a Cinnamon French toast bagel for breakfast on my drive in to work.

We have cut down two Christmas trees now, instead of going to a garden centre and picking one that has been cut possibly months previously.

We have attended two Canada Day Parades and I went to a Bryan Adams concert.

Dairy Queen has my heart, along with Stayners Wharf, Montannas and the Rope Loft in Chester.

Hubby now has his dream job and I am working hopefully in my forever company, once the pace calms down a bit I am enjoy it more.

We have made some amazing, wonderful friends who I appreciate more and more each day

I love the four distinct seasons, the endless summer and the beautiful warm Fall and the fact that we heat by wood and swim all summer.
I love that we have winter tires and that I now spell it as tires and not tyres!

Halifax is a lovely friendly city and I hope to always be here, we picked well when we came to this province.

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