Tuesday, 4 June 2013

hot weekend

I am very behind with blogging, its been so busy with visitors and then I had a full on weekend. It was mega hot too, too hot in fact. The whole house sort of ground to a halt.
On Friday it was the audit dinner down at the Keg in Halifax which was great. I was a little apprehensive to be with my old team in case I fell apart emotionally but it was ok.
Freaked out a little on the way home when the cab driver pulled to the side of the road at 1am in the dark nowhere in Dartmouth as "there was something wrong with the transmission". After 15 minutes of me talking in a crazy angry way to the idiot at the cab firm who knew nothing of the incident and wasnt in the slightest bit bothered, I was back on my way. Note to self and anyone else - stick with Woods Limousine Hire, not only are they reasonably priced (cheaper than the rest) there isnt a moment where you have doubts about getting home alive.

Saturday we hung out, I picked up my car in Sackville, did some chores around the house (in slow motion as it was over 30C) and then we went out in the eve for a BBQ. This was great fun and got us home at 12.30am. 2nd night in a row for me for being in bed past midnight... so when Sunday found me with Ruby on Martinique Beach and rather a cool breeze I might add (we left 30C and went into probably 16C) but it was very warm when you lay on the sand, the sound of the waves and the whole relaxing ambience found me asleep. We then had fish and chips at a locals haunt and a Margarita icecream, Mousse on the Loose for Ruby and came home. For us both it was a day without children, all to ourselves, it was bliss. For me, it was one whole weekend where I pretty much just had fun, very little else featured except heat. It was in a word - awesome!

Yesterday I went back into work and moved offices. I am now in a much bigger one with a window. Its a small window admittedly but it is one. I can now see the sun and hear the rain and even open it should I wish to. I feel much happier.

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