Thursday, 3 November 2011


OK so this Halloween was officially the best ever! We went out at about 5.30pm with my friend Ruby and two of her little ones. The road was packed! Cars had to thread their way slowly through, so many houses were decorated and so much candy was flying around.
Here are some pics of the kids and our house:

Chloe was a zebra, Lily was barbie, Emma was a princess and Nik was the grim reaper. It was a great night and we got loads of goodies! Had to take the parent tax, of course, and so now our eves when the girls go to bed include rooting through their bags for chocolate that they wont like!

Duke is also settling in, we have morning walks when its all crispy and white with frost and the sky is black with so many stars. And here are some pics of him:

Look at those adorable puppy eyes!

With the change in weather, I have noticed that the lakes steam as I drive past them and make their own fog bank, yesterday I decided to take some pics on my cell phone on the way in, its hard to capture the whole scene but here are some:

This is my daily commute! Sucks to be me- right!!
The -2C at the start of November freaks me out a little, I feel like I am awaiting winter to descend with trepidation!

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