Thursday, 17 November 2011

9 years!

Yesterday I had a complete healthy eating urge kick in (thank goodness) – its been sneaking up on me for a while, I have changed my milk to Silk Soya (LOVE Silk Soya) and trying to get enough vegetables into one meal that I can. Yesterday lunchtime found me buying three punnets of raspberries (3 / $5) and consuming a whole punnet with my lunch.
Yesterday was also our 9 year anniversary and after feeling pretty rough the day before I was feeling as the song goes “like a brand new chick!” and had a great day at work.
To top the day we went to Stayners Wharf for dins where I had zesty Chicken wings to start which hubs and I shared. They were nice but I could tell that they had been in the fryer which isn’t my favourite. Oven baked are far nicer
Then for main I had the Panfried Haddock and OMG it was bliss on a plate. I simply love this meal and savoured every bite. Hubs had the Selfish Shelfish pasta (say that after some drinks!) and he was pleased that there was way more seafood on his plate than pasta.

For desert I had the New York cheesecake which was scrumptious but I sadly couldn’t fit it all in. All this was with a glass of cranberry (only allowed at restaurants to save my teeth!) and a Fall Breeze (fabulous cocktail)

This was Pauls serious look!
We drove home in the pouring rain and found that the following had happened when Bev had put Lily to bed.
At bedtime – Lily – mummy lets me read as long as I want. Bev – Nope, lights out.
5 Mins later – Lily comes down for more water
15 mins later – Lily is singing in her room. When Bev went up she got from Lily “oh you woke me!”
Such a precocious little madam! Bev told her to snuggle down with her lion, when we went to bed, there she was with her arms wrapped around him.
Chloe had of course gone up to bed without a murmur, little star. I love my children. I love my life, I love my husband!

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