Wednesday, 9 November 2011

getting ready for winter

We have been in winter preparation mode. Both cars now have winter tires on, I drove the G6 into work today for the first time with its tires on and it both sounded and felt different to before.
Yesterday I went to Canadian Tire to pick up some bits – slush mats for the car, this was after a throw away comment by Rubes to the tune of “well you will wish you had spent the money when the bottom of your car rusts away” and a brush and scraper combo for each car.
The whole little lot came to $79! And yesterday I realised that the pathetic summer mats in the van wont stand up to much. So slush mats are needed for that too.
Canadian Tire had about 20 aisles devoted to Christmas – it was just fabulous and prior to choosing the oh so important mats I spent a very contented 10 mins wondering around in a Christmas daze.
I did this in a lunch break of warm air, blue sky and blinding sunshine. Hard to believe that winter is coming.
Paul cut the grass yesterday with the leaves and Don and Lily stacked more wood in the front porch, it was sweet to come home from work and see the little crew at work.
Halloween decs are now all stashed away till next year and Paul has been tasked with hanging 500 twinkle lights around the eaves of the house – we will work towards looking like the Griswolds!
I am still on the hunt for deodorant that actually works and doesn’t stain my white tops a nasty yellow. I have been told that the Body Shop does a nice one that also paraben free – always a bonus – so I am going to hunt that out this lunch break.
This morning when I drove into work, I saw this funky cloud, I love the sky here. There is so much of it.

Its rememberance week and we have Friday off, got to love a bank holiday Friday.
I am going to buy poppies for everyone, it always amazes me how much a military family will give up to give us Freedom. Thank you!

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