Thursday, 24 November 2011

We experienced our first snow storm yesterday, apparently snow wasnt due to start falling until late aftermoon but the first flakes were drifting lazily down at 8.30am as I drove into Waverley.
By 9.30am the road outside was thick with it and I was flat out amazed, they were teeny flakes, the kind that melts on impact with the road in Blighty.

The snowplow came out at work and there was the maint guy driving up and down the parking lot having a high old time, on the radio by 9.30am they were reporting 30 accidents! 30!!! Thats worse than the UK. I was flabbergasted that this province would have that many accidents in the first snowfall.

And the snow kept on falling.

At 1pm our boss said "shut her down"! He loves being dramatic like that. And so we all left in the middle of the day.
Outside there wasnt a snowplow in sight, or grit or salt. Snow lay thick everywhere.
I drove to pick up Lily in a winter wonderland and then onto home on quiet beautiful deserted roads. I decided to steer clear of the highway.
Here is a pic of my drive home, snow was coming straight at the car:

The second one is the Highway2 through Fall River.
I got home after about an hour and got the girls who then spent a good hour playing in it in the fading light:

It continued to snow until well after I went to bed, I have no idea when it stopped. I cleared the driveway and so did Don and then so did Paul and then he had to do it again this morning at 4.30am after the snowplow had gone past and buried the front of the drive

Today, Chloes school is shut so she is having a snow day at her babysitters and Lily is playing at her babysitters:

The drive in today was ok, a few icy patches on the road and bits that were thick with icy chunks of snow. Its chilly and sunny out there right now.

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