Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Remembrance weekend

Well we just had Remembrance weekend which meant we in Canada have Remembrance day off. Apart from that being an outstandingly good idea I came across two new things in my life:
Driving home on Thursday night, every business had a sign outside with sayings like “We will remember” and “Lest we forget” – that kind of thing really gets to me.  How respectful!
Having a Friday as a holiday is much fun and not what I am used to, was a little more exciting than a Bank Holiday Monday
I am so very thankful for all those men and women that make it so that I don’t have to live in fear or in some Iraqi existence. I love living a Western life.
We knew a storm was coming for Friday and I went to bed late (midnight) on Thursday night after some drinks with the neighbours. I was lying in bed with the window open as its been so mild thinking how fabulous it was that it was Thursday night, and that I could sleep in till at least 7.30am as Paul would come in at 5.30am from work and take Duke for his walk round the block. That of course did not happen and that euphoria was a little shortlived when I woke at 3am to major rain and wind with gusts that sounded a little like a plane taking off in the garden.  After that little sleep was had as I listened to the weather raging outside.
On Friday I was a little cranky to say the least but got over my self and went with Don to the remembrance service in the wind and rain that nearly blew us away. We then spent the day cooking and playing scrabble as there was little else to do.
Saturday dawned bright and clear and COLD. It was hard to want to do much as it was so cold, we went to Costco and that was manic. It was a naff day really with just grocery shopping pretty much.
Sunday – oh how gorgeous was that day. It was warm and sunny and just gorgeous. We took the girls and met Rubes and co at the wildlife park with Tim Hortons finest and we had a lovely stroll amongst the bears and cougars and arctic foxes. I so love that place. Paul even scratched a raccoon behind its ears, I am too jealous!
After our little outing Paul and Don put up the external Christmas lights, I am on a mission this year to get the house looking like the Griswolds!
Today its our anniversary  - 9 years of marriage. Its gone by so quickly and so many things have changed in our lives.:
We have two adorable wonderful girls who I love with my whole heart and am driven bonkers by simultaneously
We now live here in Canada – hurrah! Living the dream!
We have lost a very good friend who passed away 2.5 years ago, I cant believe that on our wedding day we didn’t know that we had less than 7 years left with him. We love you Alex

Tonight we are going out for a meal together at Stayners Wharf – oooh the panfried Haddock!!!

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