Monday, 28 November 2011

quick update

Had a pretty chilled weekend, snow is slowly melting in these 12C temperatures. Today its practically tropical out there.
Heres a pic I took on Friday of all the snow piled up in Bedford

We gave in and put the outside Christmas lights on last night. Compared to some houses its nothing but they are our first external lights and we are excited about them. They were my yard sale bargain which also makes my day.
Today I am missing nothing about the UK except a couple of friends and my lovely father in law. One of my FB acquaintances who lives up the road commented on a FB photo of the snow by saying “bbbr, looks cold, lovely and mild here in Surrey” and I had to hold back from writing a reply along the lines of “It could snow 365 days of the year here and I would still rather be here than where you are” but I managed to refrain.

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