Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Parade of Lights

Last weekend I took the girls to the Halifax Parade of Lights. First we had to navigate some traffic of the likes that I have not seen since we were in England. Thankfully I took them with my neighbour Bev, had Paul or her hubby been there we wouldnt have gotten to see them. We came to realise that men are not cut out to sit in any kind of traffic.

Well the parade was magical, 1.5 hours long with 200,000 people. There were loads of floats and of course Santa. I was rather impressed at the quality and the ambience. Here are some pics of it that I found online, I havent had a chance to upload any I took yet:

The girls just loved it and so did I. The lady I was standing next to told me that they always book a hotel in Halifax for the night and swim in the pool and have dinner out as part of the whole night, I was rather taken with that idea and plan to look into that for next year.
This was clearly a fabulous idea when it took us 1.5 hours to get home, 45 mins of that was spent stationery in the multi-story.

The rest of the weekend was pretty mild and I spent all of Sunday baking and cooking and just chilling at home. The girls played nicely all day together and I just had to remind them (only about a hundred times) to keep the volume down as Paul was on nights and therefore asleep.

Its getting decidedly colder, this morning I took Dukie for his stroll at 6am in -7C, I had my PJs on, wellies, coat and hat and I was ok, must be toughening up!
Tomorrow we have a snowfall warning in effect with apparently 30 cms of snow due to fall - I am slightly freaked out about this.30cms!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
After work today I am going to get Paul and I some snowboots and the girls some snow gloves, we need them and I cant put it off any longer.

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