Friday, 30 December 2011


A post on Rainy Saturdays blogspot about 2012 got me thinking about writing my own version, I was most inspired by what she wants for 2012 so here goes:

What the last few years have been about:
2009 - Finished my exams and achieved a massive dream of becoming a Chartered Management Accountant. A very good friend sadly passed away and we spent alot of the year picking ourselves up from that one.
2010 - Got a new job. Decided finally to emigrate to Canada, started the serious paperwork, freaked out abit, came on a recce, sold our house with nothing to go to.
2011 - March - emigrated to Nova Scotia, got a new house, new job, first ever dog and new life
2012 - ????????

Who knows what will happen, I certainly dont take anyones health for granted anymore. I feel that I need to learn more about taxation (yawn from all, but its getting to be interesting - never thought I would write that little gem).
We need to check out this fabulous new place more, its so beautiful. Our 10th wedding anniversary is in 2012, got some major plans for that one. Oh and my children are growing up WAY too fast.

So, for this year, increase of healthy meals, no more eating after 6pm (new plan of attack), more running as I am just discovering that I actually CAN run. Being a tourist in our own province, TAXATION! (yay)
Big plans for wedding anniversary, oh and I just decided that we should try to drive to Nantucket this year and spend a week there, its on my list. Must start the research going on that one.....

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