Monday, 19 December 2011

Monday catchup

Had THE most fabulous weekend. Paul was working so apart from trying to keep the noise down for him he was pretty much not involved in the weekend at all (which is always a shame but hopefully this is not forever)
On Saturday I took the girls to the Quality Inn for swimming. The changing room was very nice, a whole room to ourselves with a shower in it, the tile around the pool was very nice and new and contemporary but the pool was very old, some of the filter covers were missing (that FREAKED me out, I read the Daily Mail, I know all about children that drown in pools when something gets sucked into the pool filter) and it was a pool that had a freaky optical illusion thing going. It looked like I was walking uphill but the depth remained the same. The shallow end was too deep for the girls really. The hot tub was nice and hot but it was old and tired looking and a bit stained. Oh and the shower was cold and there was nowhere to dry our hair, not even a hand dryer we could crouch under. It was not good, still girls seemed to enjoy it. We are going to check out the Canada Games Centre next. I think I am going to have to accept that I am not going to find anywhere within a 20 min drive – sigh
On Sunday we went to another Expats house and met up with a bunch of expats for an early Christmas dinner get together. We all cooked something – my offering was mashed potato and fresh cranberry sauce. I cooked up and mashed a whole bag of potatoes which made my arms ache and I cooked my first every cranberry sauce which was amazing and so easy.
There was lots of good food at the meal and it was great to catchup with so many lovely people. The girls played with other children and I just, well, chatted – a lot!
We got home at 6pm and had a quiet evening. I took Dukie for a long walk where he pulled relentlessly, was rather like holding onto a strong horse and got me thinking about how much I miss that world. The world of having a horse in my life. I wonder if I will ever have it again.
The temperature has dropped a lot, it was -9 last night and at 11pm when I took Duke out for a pee, snow was lightly drifting down. Today it wont struggle over zero and on my drive to work I went past ice forming quietly and relentlessly on the lakes, that was a little weird to look at.
Today I am at work, given that its Monday and Paul is home, hes apparently cooking curry for dins. I know Chloe is home with Dukie and having a quiet day. I am looking forward to picking Lily up from daycare and joining them this evening, it cant come soon enough

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