Friday, 2 December 2011

vets bills

Just had a call from our neighbour where our dog hangs when we are at work, with his dogs and our dog has chewed up and half eaten a beer can! His dog is booked in for an xray as its not clear whos eaten this as both dogs were involved but his dog doesnt ever chew beer cans. Apparently the beer can is in pieces but there isnt enough to reconstruct the damn thing.
So, our dog is now booked in for xrays too - at a mere $58 for the exam and $115 for the xrays. And I am hoping but doubtful that is where it will end, if theres bloody shards of metal in his stomach then those costs are so going to escalate!
I cant friggin believe it, he only had $280 spent on him last week for his little vasectomy! I am going to take shares out in this vets soon, I should get a good return on my investment!
Paul is incensed with rage at work, I had the job of breaking this news to him.
And the moral of the story is - dont have beer in cans, buy bottles!

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