Tuesday, 13 December 2011

An indoor pool!

I have just had the best telephone call with the Quality Inn located at Halifax Airport. They allow the public to use their pool! Yay! For a small fee of course but we have all been feeling the absence of a nice indoor pool in our lives. Chloe and Lily often ask to go swimming and say how much they miss Nuffield Health and I personally am feeling a bereavement about Nuffield Health. We used to go every weekend.
There is a massive lack of decent indoor pools with nice changing rooms in NS. I was horrified at the public pool in Truro as it was the pits. I mean I am a changing room snob, I know it and I make no apologies for it. Nuffield Health has a lovely indoor pool with spa like changing facilities and it made a happy weekend trip for me and the girls. So anyway, I am going to load up the swimming bag for Saturday morning and get the girls in the car and we are going to check it out. I can hardly wait!

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