Friday, 16 December 2011

how to change?

I was thinking today (well all the time actually) about losing some weight and trying to regain the figure I had when Paul and I first met. Those were the days when I would finish work and go and ride my horse and practise all evening for a dressage test. The kind of days when I would throw off my jacket and we would both build up some sweat and it would all go well and I would end up red faced and full of the joy of achievement.

Now, 7 years on I no longer have a horse or a chance of one, and certainly not the chance of the time to spend like that.
Of course half the issue is working full time at a desk on my backside so I get no exersize (except for my fingers) and not enough money to pay for the lifestyle I want and no chance of any light at the end of the tunnel.

I cant just go and ride or exersize from work as the girls don’t see me all day and I need to spend time with them. Its so hard to find any me time when you are a working parent.
I keep telling myself that when they are older and don’t need me so much I can do these things again but by then I most likely be the size of a house and even less able to afford it. I need to change something here, this isn’t working for me.

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