Monday, 12 December 2011

chilled out Sunday

Yesterday I had breakfast by myself. It was amazingly fabulous to eat my most favourite Blueberry pancakes with maple syrup – made with wholewheat flour, as I like them.
This was achieved by Lily feeling ill – poor thing has been spectacularly sick the night before all down the stairs. I had to of course deal with her alone as Paul had nipped to the neighbours to try out moose steaks and didn’t show up again for hours.
Anyway, she was in bed watching Tinkerbell, Chloe was asleep and so was Paul – due to his late nights trying moose and beer!
So it was just me and the dog. After our 7am trot round the neighbourhood in my Pyjamas, coat, boots, hat and gloves. That may I add is a great way to start the day as the light is very different.
I decided to sod it, I would look after myself and cooked it up and then had them with coffee pot coffee – Folgers of course – with my soya milk and International Delight French Vanilla, and fresh orange juice.
I then perused FB and my favourite blogs in absolute silence – except for the logs crackling on the fire and the far off sound of Disney.
We then had a pretty good day, Lily slept lots – shes a pretty good child when shes sick and Chloe played and I baked mince pies and we listened to music and then I went to Walmart without kids with Ruby which was as Ruby put it, frickin AWESOME and then we had a peaceful Tim Hortons complete with Maple Cinammon French Toast bagel. It was so odd to be without children that we felt that we needed to wipe someones nose, anyone would do!
Last night I tried to watch Bag of Bones which was filmed down the road in the summer and has Pierce in it only to discover that we don’t have that flaming channel available. I am going to look into downloading it, if possible and I can do it legally.

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