Monday, 26 December 2011

our first Canadian Christmas

Nova Scotia was very good to us this Christmas in many ways:
1. We had a white Christmas! It started to snow on the 23rd and was all white and fluffy on Christmas day. I had a gorgeous walk with Dukie after breakfast and present opening and the snow was so sparkly as it was so sunny and the sky was blue. It was also so warm that I talked Lily into coming out away from her new presents and playing. I gave up with Chloe - the new DSi was way too important to leave.

2. Paul cooked a wonderful truly scrumptious feast and we ate with new good friends - turkey, beef, fresh cranberry sauce, three types of stuffing, brocolli, carrots, turnip, roast and mashed potatoes, roast sweet potatoe, roast parsnips and corn. I still cant believe all that came out of our kitchen. We made up two tables and feasted with some Beringer! This was followed by Rubys homemade lemon meringue pie and rice pudding !

3. We caught up with some lovely friends and family in the UK and Turkey - hurrah for skype.

4. Girls had tonnes of presents - Breyer horses, Nintendo DSi for Chloe and her old one for Lily (she doesnt mind castoffs - long may that last), zoobles, colouring books, model animals. I was one lucky lady with a beautiful Lia Sophis necklace and the new Kathy Reichs novel - yay!! We did of course get ourselves this rather marvellous new laptop for Christmas anyway.

5. We didnt watch ANY TV and I mean none at all. The day didnt need it, we just ate and talked and talked and talked with two great walks with the dog. Loved it!

Today is Boxing Day and we finished off the festivities with a meet up with other friends and a great bubble and squeak. Tomorrow back to work for me - not really looking forward to it!


  1. So good to hear your first Canadian Christmas was good. Lets hope they just keep getting better and better!


  2. Thank you! Its sad it over already but I am almost ready to take on winter now