Thursday, 23 February 2012

Dukie and Dutch

We have had a small furry creature living in the house for over a week now and hes taken some getting used to. His name is Dutch and hes an 8 week old NS Ducktoller x Retriever. He may be very small but he has a large personality.
He's Dons dog but we all spend time together so by default we spend lots of time with him too.

Hes very noisy, my word can that puppy make a racket if he feels ignored. Don went out for a couple of hours the other night and left him downstairs, fed , watered, relieved and in his kennel. He set about making so much noise I could not hear my viewing of Beverley Hills 90210!!
He also rather likes peeing on my brand new red rug, cue me feeling very annoyed.

Anyway, its 8 days in and hes smart so he's learning fast and he now is happy to be in his kennel, the rug is being cleaned and Dukie and him play alot. The girls love him. He is in fact, uber cute.

As you can see, Duke really roughs it in this house!

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