Monday, 27 February 2012

calling Spring

I am officially bored of winter. We have a winter storm moving in tonight and I just cant be bothered with it. I cant be bothered with the 20 cms of snow that are due to be here in the morning or with the ice that will follow. I am done with dressing warmly to go outside and with jeans and boots and cardigans to say nothing of snow pants and hats and gloves and that enormous jacket. I want skirts and linen trousers and t-shirts again. I want to drive the car with the windows down instead of AC, or even with the AC on with that smell that you first get when the AC kicks in.

I want ice-creams outside at Averys and the hot potato salad made with lemon and garlic. I want to see the girls chalk drawings on the driveway and have the trees all green again. I want to be able to run without fear of falling on my face on black ice.

Here the whole of April seems to be dedicated to spring cleaning, last year I heard it on the radio all the time, the broadcasters telling us to clean off our ceiling fans etc etc. This year I own a house and therefore I can clean my ceiling fans, I can join in with Spring Cleaning!

I have been perusing the Scentsy scents and ordering my Spring smells to burn in my warmers – I have Luna ordered and I still want to get cucumber and lime and white tea and cactus. I need a new warmer too to replace the snowflake one that HAS to leave its spot and be packed away until next November. I need a spring / summer one.

Last year when we first got here I truly hated the Spring. It was ugly and brown and dreary and cold. It seemed to be here FOREVER

This year, I want to embrace it. I shall bounce into Spring Cleaning with energy and determination to get those fan blades clean. I shall declare war on the dandelions in our garden. Soon we wont have a fire with wood dust and ash, soon the girls will be traipsing chlorine drips across the family room floor instead of ice chips.

I have been told that Spring starts on March 19th,  which is the weekend after St Patricks Day. Spring – I am holding you to this date!

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