Sunday, 19 February 2012

Sunday planning

OK, so now I have gotten over my funk of losing kitkat and am starting to look forward again.

I have been making some mental lists of money we need to spend on the house over the next 5 - 10 years. Some things are more "urgent" than others and some are just down to things I want.

1. Fence the yard
2. Replace our 1993 water heater
3. Renovate the bathroom - the tub leaks and is fixed with swimming pool liner currently
4. Replace the windows
5. New kitchen
6. New floors, we currently have a whole lot of laminate and I want hardwood
7. New siding - need a change of colour - light blue does NOT rock my world
8. Build a front porch along the front of the house
9. Put in a propane stove in the family room so we can kiss goodbye to baseboard everywhere forever

So this year we plan on covering points 1-3 and also saving a stack of money for our anniversary Florida trip. (hmmmmmmmm not sure how this is going to be achievable)

I have also just managed to remind myself that we will need to buy another 4 cord of wood this summer for next winters heating - cue $800

And here is somewhere close(ish) that I plan on visiting this year as its super stunning. Paul has actually been there and raved about it when he got home that day.

So lots of saving ahead (??!!) and things to do - still, if you dont plan you never have a chance of achieving and I am a planner so now I have made my list I can relax and have some breakfast.


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