Thursday, 2 February 2012

Feb 2nd

I have laughed today!
Last night was another night of ice at the airport as they ran out of salt (as per Paul as he works there). Apparently no US planes are landing due to the ice and an entire hockey team couldnt leave,. There are people that have waited 4 days for flights, naturally I wondered if this would be on the news.
On the way in to work today, they interrupted the traffic report with "breaking news'!!!!! (da da daaaa!!!)
Well, the breaking news was
"Its GROUNDHOG Day and Shubenacadie Sam did NOT see his shadow, therefore winter will end before 6 weeks" this was at 8am sharp. Apparently Shubie Sam, the groundhog at the wildlife park had come out and cast his weather vote. No news at all about the airport.

And I started to chuckle, is this due to the fact that we just dont want to hear negative news about the weather.
I drove into work in a warm fuzzy bubble of Groundhog day.

Across the road from work they are building a new office block. They are blasting to put in the foundations and hence there is a sign that reads "Danger blasting" the road isnt cordoned off, and noone has been evacuated (as per what I am used to)
Well, the warning horn went off and then there was a bang and an enormous vibration through the floor which travelled through my feet in an odd way and, as Jill put it, scared the snot out of the dog.
It was the weirdest thing, so now when I hear the horn, I hear it and then mini-seconds later a wave of recognition goes through me and I find myself yelling "the horn, the horn!" so the people in the back know as they cant hear it, and someone grabs the dog and we all stay clear of the windows and then it happens again. Its freaky, quite frankly!

Tonight, I should be going to the sports dome to pay my $2 to run around the track but I cant be bothered and I want to watch another episode of Season 1 of 90210

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